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    National Esthetician StateBoard Practical Examination DVD 1h22min
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    ATTENTION California Practical State exam will change to National Examination Standards starting October the 1st 2011 This DVD is according to demands after October 1st 2011 , students programmed for examination after October 1st 2011. The International School of Beauty Esthetician National Exam Video is the only comprehensive practical exam preparation media available.

    What you will learn on this DVD:


    Preparation  Disinfects work area or uses protective covering  Disposes of soiled materials using infection control procedures  Sanitizes hands  Sets up work area with supplies labeled in English  Re-sanitizes hands  Applies body drape or cover for protection  Applies hair drape to completely cover hair  Re-sanitizes hands


    Preparation  Wears gloves  Uses disinfected or disposable implements  Applies antiseptic to eyebrow area safely  Holds skin taut (without slack)  Tweezes OR demonstrates removal of hair in direction of hair growth Applies antiseptic to treated area safely  Applies antiseptic to eyebrow area safely  Uses absorbent material or product to dry eyebrow  Removes simulated wax product from container using infection control procedures  Tests temperature of simulated wax product on wrist safely  Applies simulated wax product in direction of hair growth safely  Applies simulated wax product along entire area under eyebrow safely  Applies an even, thin layer of simulated wax product safely  Smoothes fabric over simulated wax product in direction of hair growth  Holds skin taut (without slack)  Pulls fabric in opposite direction of hair growth safely  Applies post-epilation product to treated area safely  Applies antiseptic to treated area safely


     Removes massage product from container using infection control procedures Demonstration of Massaging the Face  Distributes massage product over entire face safely  Demonstrates effleurage movement  Demonstrates petrissage movement  Demonstrates tapotement movement  Demonstrates friction movement  Maintains continuous contact during massage  Removes massage product without dragging or pulling skin  Removes all residual massage product safely  Applies toner or astringent safely


    Preparation  Removes mask product from container using infection control procedures Demonstration of Facial Mask  Applies mask product over entire face safely, excluding eyes, lips, and nasal passages  Applies mask evenly and safely  Removes all residual mask product safely  Applies toner or astringent safely  Applies moisturizer safely


    Preparation  Protects shoulders with protective covering  Secures hair off face Demonstration of Facial Makeup  Sanitizes hands  Applies foundation to cover entire face safely  Applies powder safely  Applies blush safely  Applies eye shadow safely  Applies eyeliner safely  Applies mascara to lashes safely  Grooms eyebrows safely  Applies lip liner safely  Applies lip color safely

    The National Esthetics Practical Examination DVD 1h22min video covers the complete practical exam from start to finish. Learn the proper techniques for all of the Esthetician exam requirements.
    Sections covered in this easy-to-follow video are:
    * Supplies & Materials Needed For the Exam
    * Disinfection Procedures
    * Client Draping & Safety
    * Sanitary Maintenance Area (SMA) Setup * Facial With Scrub
    * Pre-Disposition Test (PD Test) Assignment
    * Eyebrow Waxing & Tweezing Assignment
    * Make-Up Application Assignment
    * Clean-Up Procedures
    All video segments are performed by California licensed instructors who specialize in State Board / National Exam preparation.
    This video is ideal for both current students and beauty school graduates who are planning on taking the National Esthetics Practical Examination
    Don\\\'t show up on your exam date unprepared! Order the Esthetician Exam Preparation video today and learn to the proper techniques to pass your exam with flying colors!
    Video Duration:1 h 22 m
    Formats: DVD (NTSC) Produced By: International School of Beauty inc, view more info at www.stateboardhelp.com
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